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Apparel & Design in Women's Sports

Over the last few years, the discrepancies between female participation in sports (versus the typical male rate) has been apparent. According to a 2018 report from Sport England, "By the time girls reach their teenage years, just 10 percent of them meet daily activity levels recommended by chief medical officers." A concerning statistic, many individuals ascribe this gap to the message expressed through tight-fitting, romanticized training apparel & uniforms.

Gendered standards have been prevalent throughout women's & men's athletics, as the competition is often divided on constructs of femininity vs. masculinity, delicacy vs. strength, artistic abilities vs. power, etc. Along these lines, female's performance clothing is constantly restricted to fulfill the expectation of a women, recognized through skorts, leotards, and bikinis. Inducing discomfort among athletes, this female-oriented standard is antiquated, causing those to lose sense of identity and develop anxieties about their figure.

You may read more about the associated effects at the following link:


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