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iGIANT™ Youth Ambassadors 

Interested in building skills in communication and development? Are you looking to boost your resume and put your knowledge to the test?


Technology and innovation nonprofit, iGIANT™ (impact of Gender/Sex on Innovation and Novel Technologies), invites you to take part in a global Youth Ambassadors program designed for high school students to learn about sex and gender-based design in healthcare and technology and develop your oral/written communication and leadership skills. iGIANT Youth Ambassadors are directly integrated into iGIANT operations and serve a crucial role in outreaching to local youth communities and developing partnerships in government, academia, industry and with non-governmental organizations. They will work closely with and receive mentorship from current Scholars-in-Residence who are recent college graduates, medical students, and Fulbright scholars.  These positions will require 2-3 hours/week and will commence immediately. Youth Ambassadors work remotely and may further develop their role depending on mutual interest and satisfactory performance. These positions may qualify for merit awards based upon accomplishments and duration of commitment to the iGIANT.




The iGIANT was initially designed at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. This program became a nonprofit in 2016. The iGIANT mission is to accelerate the translation of research into gender/sex-related design elements such as programs, products, protocols and policies for the health, IT, transportation and retail sectors. Through roundtables, summits, innovation prizes, scholarships and a seal of approval for design elements, the iGIANT can improve the safety and quality of life, including work performance, for men and women around the globe and beyond.




- Conduct research for new partnerships with foundations, organizations, agencies, and corporations. 

- Help develop and participate in local roundtables with other students and community members.

- Write blogs to be featured on website’s media page.

- Assist Scholars-in-Residence with projects as they arise.




- Working knowledge of computer software packages, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Word. 

- Strong people skills- enjoys talking on the phone and networking. 

- Self-motivator who can work both independently and in groups; high commitment to team. 

- Commitment to the iGIANT mission.

- Flexibility, reliability and dependability required. 




- Must be current high school student (9-12th grade).

- Must be detail-oriented, timely, responsible, organized, and flexible. 

- Must be able to organize one’s time well. 

- Must be a self-starter since this position is off-site. 


If you are interested in or have questions about this position, please email Dr. Saralyn Mark at

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