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Job Title: Seal of Approval Reviewer

iGIANT® has launched a Seal of Approval program to self-evaluate how extensively an organization and/or its divisions have integrated gender/sex-inclusivity into their operating practice. To help meet the demand for this program, we are seeking Reviewers to participate in approving candidate companies for Levels 1-5.

Reviewers are responsible for:
 Reviewing submitted applications and supporting documentation
 Researching the applying organization (including their website and social media presence)
 Ensuring that submitted documentation is consistent with the contents of the application form
 Becoming familiar with the GenderMag Method (training or guidance will be provided)
 Being able to judge the adequacy of studies and methodologies conducted by the applying organization in their integration of gender/sex-inclusivity considerations into their design processes
 Communicating with iGIANT®’s Youth Ambassadors to update and maintain the Seals of Approval on iGIANT’®s website


This is a non-full-time contract role that is compensated per assignment. Each review takes approximately 90 minutes. The ideal candidate will provide reliable communications within the allocated timeframe and may, for example, be in graduate school, a recent college graduate, or retired.

For more information, contact Raveena Patil at

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