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Selected Roundtables/Summits Minutes

Selected Roundtables Design Elements Outcomes


* Program - 3 City Simulcast Forum on the Impact of Gender/Sex on Health Affiliated with the White House Summit on Women and Girls

* Program - A Commercial Space iGIANT Panel in the 20th Century Fox Studio's Zanuck Theater During the Raw Science Film Festival

* Program - Launch the iGIANT Roundtable Scholars (iRS) Program on University Campuses  

* Protocol - Plans for Emergency Room Data Mining to Assess Severity of Motor Vehicle Accidents by Gender/Sex to Impact New Vehicle Design

* Product - Development of Engineering and Medical School Curriculum to Incorporate Impact of Gender/Sex

* Product - Launch of a Social Media Platform for Clinicians to Discuss Impact of Gender/Sex on Health Care Delivery

* Product - An iGIANT Challenge Competition and Innovation Prize to Develop Concepts for Gender/Sex-Specific Design Elements  

* Policy - Implementation of R & D Inclusion Policy by a Medical Device Company to Ensure Analysis by Gender/Sex


*We encourage the public to host roundtables. iGIANT will help you plan them so please contact us (see below) for additional information.


Interested in hosting a roundtable with your organization or community? Please express your interest through our interest form, and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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