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Dr. Saralyn Mark: You Can Be a Winner at the Game of COVID-19 Whack-A-Mole

Check out this episode of Matthew Zachary's Out of Patients Podcast with Dr.Mark as they discuss the ins and outs of COVID-19.

Can’t we just shut down the whole country? Uhm… no? On the show today, Matthew Zachary welcomes another stellar returning champion, Dr. Saralyn Mark, Former Senior Medical and Policy Advisor to The White House, NASA, and the Department of Health And Human Services, Physician Women’s Leader at the American Medical Women’s Association and Author of “Stellar Medicine: A Journey Through the Universe of Women’s Health.” Now, that was a handful of epic credentials, but the rubber really hit the road when they both dig deep into the calculus of COVID-19, meaning — how to make sense of anything anymore, as a scientist, parent, and educated human being. Did you know the United States is often called “The Great Experiment,” and MY OH MY are we ever now a fricken experiment with our state-based social game of Whack-A-Mole on infections, deaths, mask-wearing compliance, and schools that open one day and — SURPRISE SURPRISE — literally close two days later. Buckle up and enjoy the show.

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