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iGIANT® is delighted to announce the following 2019 iGIANT Awards: Pioneer Award-­‐Reed Smith, LLP, Ambassador Award-­‐Explore Mars, Champion Award-­‐North American Rescue.

These organizations have been selected for their outstanding contributions to the mission of the iGIANT. Through their support and dedication to the iGIANT mission, important steps have been taken towards accelerating the translation of research into gender/sex-­‐ specific design elements.

Dr. Saralyn Mark, MD, founder and president of iGIANT, stated "It is an honor to work with these organizations to improve the safety and quality of life, including work performance, for men and women on Earth and in space. We congratulate and appreciate all that they are doing to transform our world for the better.

About iGIANT®

iGIANT® (impact of Gender/Sex on Innovation and Novel Technologies), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, accelerates the translation of research into gender/sex-­‐specific design elements such as products, policies, protocols, and programs for health, IT, transportation and retail sectors by engaging stakeholders in government, industry, academia and advocacy. Through roundtables, summits, challenges, scholarships and an iGIANT seal of approval for design elements, the iGIANT aspires to improve the safety and quality of life, including work performance, for men and women. It is the only organization in the world doing such work, and has been often recognized for that.

About Reed Smith LLP

Reed Smith is a dynamic international law firm, dedicated to helping clients move their businesses forward. In 2018 and 2017, Reed Smith was listed as one of the 20 elite global law firms handling the largest, most groundbreaking international and cross-­border matters.

About Explore Mars

Explore Mars, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, brings aerospace business leaders together with government entities, mediating and facilitating the direct flow of information including hosting the largest conference in the world focused on sending humans to Mars.

About North American Rescue

North American Rescue is dedicated to decreasing preventable deaths by providing effective, mission-­critical products to the military, federal agencies, civilian law enforcement and emergency medical services.

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