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iGIANT at SXSW: One of "The Best"

Rohit Bhargava, founder of the Non-Obvious Company, gave a brilliant lecture at South by Southwest highlighting the "7 Non-Obvious Trends Changing the World." His team curated a list of best panels at SXSW 2018 based upon these trends. We are delighted that our iGIANT® roundtable style session, "It's Time to See Through A Gender/Sex Lens!" was designated as one of the best.

Sex and gender impact every aspect of our lives. For example, A 5'9'' man looks different from a 5'9'' woman and it's not just because of facial features, weight and height. Think in terms of nuance of touch, skeletal structure, metabolism and even gait. Clothing, shoes, meals and interior design often address these differences. Men and women interact uniquely with medications, cars, smartphones, and other technologies, yet, we continue to create "one size fits all" products and expect similar results.

Our eye-opening session at SXSW stressed the importance of accelerating the translation of research into sex/gender-specific design elements such as products, programs, policies and protocols for the

health, IT, transportation and retail sectors. A diverse audience of 'ambassadors' from many countries and professions peered through a gender/sex lens to envision innovative solutions to improve personal safety and quality of life, including work and play performance, for men and women.

Check out the video below that explains how this selection was made, and access the full listing of "Best Panels @SXSW".

Please see additional media links about our session:

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