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iGIANT® Youth Ambassadors

As a high school student, It is hard to find the best outlet for one’s creativity. Limits and expectations always seem to crowd the room, but every student and former student knows that tool they can utilize to find a bit of clarity. For me, it is innovation, creation; I currently go to the Colorado STEM school, DSST: Stapleton, and I channel this inventive thirst through the programs my school offers such as robotics. I plan to become a bioengineer and work to create something new for society, and when I first heard about iGIANT, I knew I had to find some way to contribute to such a powerful movement.

Innovation is exciting, but it can also be hard to grasp. This appeal, followed by its uncertainty is undoubtedly what has progressed our civilization to what it is today. What excited me about iGIANT was its mission: “… to accelerate the translation of research into gender/sex-specific design elements such as products, programs, policies and protocols.” This concept was truly interesting to me, and when Dr. Saralyn Mark offered me the chance to be the Team Lead for the iGIANT® Youth Ambassadors, I knew I had to accept.

It is important to reach students early. In this capacity, I plan to help engage high school students across the globe and from all backgrounds to encourage them to see the world through a gender/sex lens which can be accomplished through roundtables, challenge competitions, social media and other activities.

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