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Curious Jane's Instagram Live

Dr. Mark, our founder, will be on Curious Jane's podcast tomorrow at 11:30 EST to discuss the latest on COVID-19. The first chapter of her book, Stellar Medicine: A Journey of Women's Health, is dedicated specifically to pandemics. Dr. Mark has consistently believed "we need to calm people's fear and help them make good decisions to protect their health."

To Join Curious Jane’s Instagram Live:

-Turn your phone on do not disturb but make sure you are connecting to the WiFi and sitting in a comfortable spot.

-Open Instagram.

-Make sure you’re following @janehansonofficial

-At the top of Instagram, there are a bunch of circles showing people’s “stories.” When Jane goes LIVE at 11:30am, her circle should show up in the upper left hand corner of your screen with a red circle outlining it.

-Click on my circle

-In the stream of comments on the bottom of the screen, there will be a line that says “Send a request to be in jane’s live video.” Click where it says “request!”

-Jane will accept your invitation and you’ll be live!

-To get off the call, hit the little x in the upper right hand corner or just exit out of Instagram.

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