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iGIANT & WebMD Podcast Interview

Interested in the recent discoveries of healthcare surrounding COVID-19? iGIANT's Dr. Saralyn Mark was featured on WebMD's podcast, Health Discovered, for a 30-minute discussion regarding the pandemic's effects in relation to menstrual cycles. With her broad, multidisciplinary background, she also engaged in other vaccine points, stress factors in such health crises, and other topics that may significantly impact one's system. You may listen to the full interview at the following link:

Description provided by episode: "As the world was grappling with the life-altering changes of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people started noticing that something else was different — their periods. Now, researchers are trying to understand the factors that could lie behind those challenges: stress, the virus, vaccines or something else? And what can these changes teach us about the role that the menstrual cycle plays in understanding your health?"


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