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iGIANT® Seal of Approval

In a one-size-fits-all world, men and women interact differently with technology, from medications to cars to smart phones and even clothing. This is why the iGIANT®, a nonprofit, was developed. The iGIANT® accelerates the translation of research into gender/sex-specific design elements such as products, policies, protocols, and programs for health, IT, transportation and retail sectors by engaging stakeholders in government, industry, academia, and advocacy.

This type of impact may not be immediately apparent to the economic calculus of a company or individuals. We see the world trying to operate with suboptimal designs at the outset of innovation when building products or services. Products don’t fit right, drugs aren’t prescribed correctly, devices aren’t able to work as well from one individual to the next. This void or avoidance of a gender/sex-specific perspective creates gaps and risks which can result in financial liability, inequity in quality and inadequate treatment for diverse populations. The iGIANT® provides a new lens for success by aiding corporations and groups to see and address pre-production issues by applying gender/sex-based design thinking.

It is time for organizations to evaluate their design elements to determine that they meet the needs of all customers and clients. If they can receive recognition for these efforts, they may not only find commercial value but also advancement in human capital. The iGIANT Seal of Approval for sex/gender inclusive design elements will reward this type of innovation and leadership.


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