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Minutes – IGIANT

November 17, 2016
12:30 pm EST – 2:30 pm EST

Attendees: Phillip Rubin, Saralyn Mark, Charlene Shaya, Roberta Biegel (all attend via phone)

  • How does election affects us; should we interact

  • All the parties agree to engage in January during transition period and after inauguration. BPlan a briefing in March at White House OSTP and Cap Hill

  • 8 Round Tables held in the first 18 months



  • Lori Hoffman – stepped down due to personal reasons

  • Need volunteers

  • Charlene volunteered Monarch Print (Charlene to follow up)

  • Website – Graphic designer needed

  • PD for volunteers posted – Everyone needs to circulate to find pro bono help


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Phillip donated $500.00

  • Charlene volunteers to match Phillip



  • Outreach Committee: PR and fundraising

  • Strategic Initiatives Committee-convene after there is funding to develop metrics for other programs such as innovation prizes which could lead to an iGIANT seal of approval

  • Advisory Board - People who don’t want to be on board, but have contracts 


            All agree it’s good to have following committees:

  • Outreach – Fundraising and PR

  • Strategic Initiatives

  • Advisory Board


Other Board Member requirements:

  • Contribute $500.00 or bring in $500 from another source and/or

  • Provide ways to move IGIANT forward such as but not limited to:

    •  Speaker opportunity

    • Media interview

    • Host a roundtable or find a host for a roundtable

    • Develop a power point presentation on iGIANT

    • Develop and/or maintain a website

    • Write an article/blog on iGIANT

    • Find an iGIANT volunteer

    • Grant writing.

  • In addition to these responsibilities, a board member will attend iGIANT-related events as possible and will participate in at least 3 board meetings.year with one meeting in person

  • For the Outreach Committee, it will be charged with helping with fundraising and PR opportunities. The group does not have financial nor fiscal responsibility and may have 1-3 teleconferences/year. The Chair of the iGIANT board will chair this group as well.

  • Phillip wants us to reach out to network people for money

  • PR and Outreach – Charlene to reach out to iHeart Media


  •  *** All Agree***



  • Ways to do it

  • Board committed to fundraising

  • Try to develop a network and identify potential donors 

  • Grant Writing (Potential sources):

    • Steve Case Foundation – N. Virginia 

    • Markel Foundation – NYC 

    • Arnold Foundation – Houston (John and Law) 

    • Sloan Foundation 

    • Jim Simons Foundation – Long Island, NYC


Updates of future plans: 

  • 9 more round tables on the horizon in 2017 

  • University of Denver School of Engineering-Denver

  • ULCA -LA 

  • Women's Leadership Inst-Chicago 

  • Indiana University School of Medicine/Cook Medical-Indianapolis 

  • Bigelow-Las Vegas 

  • Transportation/AMWA – Detroit 

  • Men's Health Foundation/ 

  • Yale VA/School of Design-New Haven 

  • West Foundation-San Diego


List needed of potential board members All agree to assist with recruiting. 

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